World Agri, Food & Livestock Expo 2024
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WELCOME TO World Agri Food & Livestock Expo

A Dedicated Expo Assisting You to Establish Your Agri & Livestock Business in South East Asia - Strategically!

Welcome to the World Agri, Food and Livestock Expo WAFL 2024 in Vietnam - a dedicated event highlighting South East Asia’s booming agribusiness industry.

The expo is a two-day event comprising a power-packed exhibition and a closed-door conference where participants from the agricultural industry will feature their innovative agriculture solutions and technologies in the market in the presence of global attendees.

Aiming towards promoting innovation and networking opportunities for businesses and professionals in the field - this expo will open doors for new and established companies to expand their footprints in the booming agribusiness market.

Be it coffee, grains, rice, sugar and other agricultural products, South East Asia has been known for its strong agricultural base. The sector has played a crucial role in the country's economic development. The government is inviting big domestic and international players to come and equip the market with the latest technological advancements that contribute to better food security and safety in the long run.

Through this expo, we will bring all the valuable stakeholders together to explore this agriculture market, engage with one another and strategically enhance their business.

Participants get to showcase agricultural products, technologies, machinery and services while fostering collaboration and identifying market trends. The Expo aims to support the growth and sustainability of the agribusiness sector across South East Asia and enhance its global competitiveness

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Why Choose Vietnam AgriFood Expo:

Industry Authority

Position your agriculture brand as a top leader by exhibiting your brand and connecting with the most influential voices and organizations.

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Global Reach

The expo fosters international trade and collaboration by providing access to global markets through its diverse international presence.

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Innovation Focus

Participate in discussions with forward-thinking exhibitors and thought leaders to stay on the cutting edge of technological and agricultural advancements.

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Agrochemicals and Fertilizers

Farm Machinery and Equipment

Seeds and Crop Protection

Livestock and Poultry

Food Processing and Packaging

Aquaculture and Fisheries

Organic and Sustainable Agriculture

Technology and Innovation

Horticulture and Floriculture

Government and Trade Associations

Research and Education

Finance and Investment

Food and Beverage

Logistics and Supply Chain

Agribusiness Services

Startups and Entrepreneurship

Irrigation and Water Management

Agricultural Biotechnology

Renewable Energy in Agriculture

Precision Farming and IoT

Agricultural Machinery Parts and Accessories

Animal Health and Nutrition

Agricultural Publications and Media

Agro-Input Distribution

Agro Tourism

Agricultural Insurance

Soil Testing and Analysis

Greenhouse Technology

Agricultural Research Institutions

Pesticides and Pest Control

Sea Food

Agricultural Consultancy Services

Food Safety and Quality Assurance

Agricultural Waste Management

Climate-smart Agriculture

Sustainable Packaging Solutions